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What to wear for your portrait session:

The biggest question people seem to have is what to wear for their family photos.  I completely understand, as I get somewhat stressed trying to dress my own family for pictures!  With three boys and a husband, we have a lot of superhero shirts lying around, and not much else that's picture-worthy!   So sometimes it takes a little extra thought to come up with a good wardrobe, but it makes a HUGE difference in the outcome of your photos.  Here are some of my guidelines for how to dress for family portraits:

- Pick clothes that make you feel great and flatter your body type.  Wear what reflects your personal style... Do you normally go for bright, bold colors, or do you prefer to wear subdued hues and neutrals?  Just be yourself!

-  Allow children to wear comfortable clothing and accessories.

NO words or logos or crazy patterns.  I don't mind if you are casual and want to wear a t-shirt... just pick one without any words, please.

-  Think coordinating, not matching.  Dress your entire family as if they are each a piece of one giant outfit, with two to three colors that go well together, plus an accent color if you want a little extra "pop."  For inspiration do a pinterest or google images search for "what to wear in family portraits."  There's a lot of fashion advice out there!

-  It is easiest to stick with solid patterns (although if you have an eye for fashion, feel free to be creative!).  To add more interest to your wardrobe, dress in layers, incorporate an article of clothing with a unique texture, or add a variety of accessories such as scarves, hair bows, vests, ties, shoes, or jackets.  

-  Start with Mom's outfit and/or daughters.  Dress the women first... make them look and feel great, and then fill in complementary colors and styles in the boys' wardrobes.

-  Give yourself 1-2 weeks if possible to piece your wardrobe together... enough time to shop for a few pieces if necessary.

-  Feel free to email pictures of what you're thinking about wearing, and I can give you feedback!  Don't be afraid to ask!  I want you to look and feel great for your session!

What to bring to your session:

-  A family who is recently-fed, fully-dressed, and ready to have fun.  Even if it means snacking right before dinner, children will be happiest if they eat right beforehand.

-  Props:  Any and all types of props are welcome.  Toy trucks, balloons, baskets, tricycles.... if you have something at home that you want in your pictures and that your children will like, just bring it!  For holiday portraits, feel free to bring candy canes, ornaments, mistletoe, tinsel, or anything else to make your photos more festive.  If you have a piece of furniture you want to incorporate, please let me know ahead of time, as larger props will take extra planning.

-  A photography release form, signed by both parents (if applicable), and a check to cover your session fee, made out to Brandy Routh.  If you have questions about the release form, please ask.

Hopefully some of this information helps!  I look forward to working with you!


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