Monday, October 22nd, 2018

I've spent my whole life in the Austin area.

Sometimes people ask if I'd ever want to go live somewhere else.  I'm definitely not opposed to it.  Traveling the world and seeing new places and experiencing new cultures sounds alright.  But the thing is... this piece of the world that I get to call home is pretty amazing, I think.  I get to live in a city that is so fun, so intelligent, so musical and artistic, so culturally diverse, so REAL.  What a fascinating mix of vibrant city culture alongside Texas country roots.  The Austin metro area nestled within miles and miles of rolling countryside satisfies every desire in my heart for social activity, community, AND wide open, quiet space to think. 

So what I loved about this session was that, despite being in a city, we found a big field to run in.  And what family of boys couldn't use a little extra space to just run free and be wild for an hour?  :)  One day this field will probably be cookie-cutter houses, or a medical office, or industrial buildings.  Who knows?  But for now, we get to enjoy this beautiful piece of the city, and thank God for the opportunity to live somewhere wide open and free.

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