Valentine Family Maternity - 27four Photography

April 7th, 2015

"She's our miracle baby"

That's how mom-to-be, Crystal, described the sweet pea growing inside her.... little baby Lily, who likes to kick when her mom starts talking about sports.  One kick for soccer!  Two kicks for softball!  :)  Her mom's a volleyball coach, so I have a feeling this girl's gonna be sporty!

Crystal referred to Lily as her miracle baby because of how long they have had to wait for a child. I'm so thrilled that God has blessed them with this little girl because I know they are going to be AMAZING parents!  Crystal is such a beautiful mom-to-be... glowing, glowing, GLOWING, like a pregnant woman should be! :)  And Chad is going to be such a fun dad.... That little girl is going to have him wrapped around her finger in no time!

I can't wait to meet Lily, and watch her grow in the love of these two wonderful parents.  Chad and Crystal, I pray that you'd treasure the years with little Lily.  May she bring joy and laughter to your lives!


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