November 19th, 2013

Last weekend several families joined me for photos in the park, for a fundraising event called "Photos for Good." This was my first time to try something like this, and I think it was a great experience for me, as well as, hopefully, everyone else involved. Through these sessions, we raised several hundred dollars in donations to the Austin Children's Shelter. Families got great Christmas pictures for their holiday cards, all while financially supporting the many abused and neglected kids and families who are served by the Children's Shelter each year.

For me it was fun to get to run around, play with, and photograph so many precious children and their parents. This little girl, in particular, was so sweet!  Riley was very happy to wander around the park and explore... climbing up and down stairs, leaning through fences, and watching cars driving by.   Oh the joys of exploration!!  My favorite part about children that are Riley's age is how new the world is to them and how, around every corner, you catch a glimpse of discovery and amazement on their little faces!  The weather was perfect Saturday, and I got a TON of shots that I love, so my next several blog posts will be filled with work from that weekend.

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