February 25th, 2014

Before our session, I thought long and hard about the best way to get a good photo of three 3-month-old babies all together.   With a single baby that age, there's plenty of options for poses... laying down, propped up a little, or being held by parents or siblings.   And there's plenty of time to work around baby's schedule, even if she's hungry or tired or squirmy!  But how to get three babies, who can't fully support themselves, all awake and happy and in one shot all together without hitting or kicking each other?  And with a relatively narrow time frame to work in?

So I resorted to my favorite technique... baby in a basket.  Most of my favorite newborn shots happen to be of babies in various baskets or containers.  I think it's sweet for a tiny one to be bundled up and resting peacefully in a basket... like a precious gift just set out on one's doorstep.  For these three girls, I got to pull out our biggest basket yet... one that has seen use in my own house as a catch-all for the many toys that end up EVERYWHERE.  I'm thankful that I have kids and plenty of photography props just laying around my own house!

Anyways, these three babies were AMAZING!  We got them secure and snug in their basket together, and they were just so happy!  And happy for the rest of the family photos as well.  Amelia, thanks for the opportunity to continue working with your family.  I always enjoy working with you!

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