April 13th, 2018

Most of the families I work with contact me about once a year for updated photos of their entire family.  They wait until everyone has off work or school, usually on the weekend, and get the entire family together (sometimes even adding grandparents) for their once-a-year family portraits.

This family did something a little different this time, and as I left this session and thought about it, I think it was very special.  You see, I have four children of my own, and most of the things we do as a family involve ALL four children.  If we're going to do a family movie night, we pick a movie we will ALL enjoy.  If there's an event at the kids' school, we ALL go together.  If we're doing any type of family photos, every child is expected to be there. On occasion we'll take a single child out one-on-one for some special mom or dad time, but usually multiple children are involved.

So I think it was very special that, although Mena has an older brother, this family chose to do her two-year-old photos just with her.  It's not often that a younger sibling gets all of Mom and Dad's attention, and I think you can really tell in these photos just how loved this little girl feels!  This session has made me re-think my own time with my children, and how valuable it is to make memories like this, one-on-one!

With my mini sessions now offered year-round, I hope more families can take opportunities like this to capture special one-on-one moments with each of their children.  So that parents can see and celebrate how special and unique each child is, and so that children will know that, even in a big family, they are cherished and loved.                                                                                   

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