Monday October 1, 2018

When I started out as a photographer, I knew there were many technical skills I'd need to acquire and practice.  An understanding of lighting and camera controls; proper exposure and depth of field;  photo composition and artistic editing.  I love natural posing, so I envisioned that I would just wander the earth and take photos of everything and, because the world is so beautiful, I'd end up with a lot of beautiful photos.

But as I've grown in photography over the years, I've come to realize... and appreciate... that some of the beauty in people... especially in young children, has to be drawn out. 

And that means that, beyond knowing my camera and beyond my artistic vision, my real job is to keep the children happy and draw out their fun-loving, creative, silly sides.  To discover their interests, and to sing nursery rhymes with them, even though I can't sing in tune.  It's finding creative ways to get the shots I want, while playing games the children love.  Because play is like magic for a young child.

The unpredictability of children can seem very daunting, but most times it is an absolute joy for me to get to experience the playful creativity of my clients during our time together! This session at Red Bud Isle was especially fun. My favorite was that big sister, all dressed in pink, really wanted to do a flamingo pose...  In the water!  Love it!  We didn't get in the water... but had to get as close as possible because you can't turn down a girl who wants to act like a flamingo!  Too cute!

I'm so thankful for the opportunity to work with so many wonderful families like this one, who constantly remind me that family is a gift meant to be enjoyed every day.  Sometimes parenthood is hard, and I forget that simple truth.  May we all take a little time this week to just enjoy each other.  Because life is more beautiful when we take the time to connect and draw out the personalities, thoughts, and ideas, of those around us.  Especially if they involve flamingos.

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