Levi's Cake Smash - 27four Photography

Cake Smash Photography;  Pflugerville, Texas

May 12th, 2014

My little Levi is one!  I can't believe how quickly it seems his first year of life has flown by.  I'm sad that my baby is now no longer a baby, but I am enjoying  getting to see him grow into his personality.  So far he is a sweet and social little guy, who likes to snuggle, and is generally pretty quiet, although he's learned to assert himself with his two big brothers!

I'm happy to share some photos with you of his one-year cake smash we did at my house last weekend.  Being the third child, we had a small and simple birthday party for Levi:   just cake with our family at home.  He wasn't very interested in his cake at first... more interested in crawling to his momma... so I had to jump in and help him get started.  That said, many of these photos are actually taken by my wonderful husband.  We are so blessed to have Levi in our lives and love him dearly!


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