Hannah is One - 27four Photography

Sunday July 24th, 2016

Family Photographer >> Heritage Park, Pflugerville

This was my absolute last photo session before I go on maternity leave, and what better way to spend it than with this beautiful little girl and her family, whose friendship I cherish and who have supported me in so many ways this pregnancy.

It was probably a sight to see... this giant, pregnant woman on the ground, trying to get the best shots of Hannah as she crawled around!  Totally worth it, though.  Hannah is gorgeous, and I just couldn't get enough shots of those beautiful, bright eyes!  So sweet, so social, so inquisitive.  One-year-olds are the best!

So I hope her family and friends enjoy these photos.  I'll post more soon of my own little girl, and then I'll be back for clients starting October 1st.  If you're looking for family pictures this fall, feel free to contact me anytime, and although I won't be doing any sessions for the next couple of months, I'm happy to reserve a spot for you in the fall!


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