Grant is One - 27four Photography

November 22nd, 2014

This little guy is such a charmer with a big, bright smile!  It was so good to meet Grant this week, and to get to take his one-year photos!  He and his brother kept me on my feet (but honestly, do I ever get off my feet with three boys of my own to chase after every day?)

I enjoyed seeing how playful and on-the-go these two brothers were.  That's how children should be!  I think it's virtually impossible to spend an hour at the park with two small boys without them playing with sticks. :)  That's part of what makes my job fun  ... trying to capture children as they are: their smiles and playfulness, their snuggles with mom and dad... and , yes, even the sticks that turn into fishing poles.

Thanks, Ploch family,  for letting me meet your sweet boys, and I look forward to seeing them grow into friends!

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