Dolan children - 27four Photography

February 2nd, 2015

It really made my day that these three siblings showed up EXCITED about their photo session!  Do you know of any kid who likes getting their picture taken?!  Well, I got to do photos of these three and some of their friends last fall.  They remembered the games we played and were thrilled to get to play more games!  I feel like that's the highest compliment a family photographer can get... not from other adults saying the photos look good, but from children who are happy to be working (or playing) with you. :)

I love how playful children are!  Anything can be a game.  Anything can be fun.  Yesterday, my 5-year-old wanted to mop the kitchen floor with his socks.  Interesting idea.  So I gave him a bucket of soapy water and watched him slip and slide all over the place.... and the floor actually got clean in the process.  I couldn't help but join in after a bit!  Who knew mopping the floor could actually be fun!? 

So to all you parents out there... have fun with your children today.  Whatever you have to get done, have fun with it!


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