October 19th, 2014

Meet Ryan, Adrienne, and Kiersten... three very sweet siblings!  I loved getting to watch their personalities come out during their session.  Ryan was just an all-around fun, enthusiastic, cheerful guy... excited to participate in any and every game or activity I could think of for him to do!  He requested a chance to play Duck, Duck, Goose during our session, and sadly we didn't get around to that one, so I suppose I owe him one!

Middle sis, Adrienne, was so calm and quiet, with the most beautiful smile.  And curly-haired Kiersten, the littlest, was so just cute... often checking on her big brother and sister and following what they did.  If they seemed to be having fun, Kiersten would just let loose and enjoy herself as well.  What a doll!

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