Newborn Photographer:  Pflugerville, TX

Monday June 30th, 2014

People don't expect newborn babies to have much personality.  They're brand new; they sleep most of the time; and they all do pretty much the same things:  eat, sleep, poop, and cry.

But one of the things I've enjoyed about having my own children, and what I enjoy when working with newborns, is that each baby, even one who's brand new, does have a distinct little personality.  They all have unique temperaments, even from the get go.  And very specific preferences for how to be held and rocked and soothed.  Even through a few hours working with a baby, I get to catch a glimpse of something distinct in each and every one of them.

What I found amusing with Ryan was how, when he was laid on his tummy, he had a clear preference for which way his head should turn.  Try to get him to look forward... no.  Turn his head the other direction... no.  He only wanted to lay on that left cheek, and was not comfortable looking the other way.  How funny!  He didn't ever get upset at me trying to pose him, and even gave us a little smile (!!) at one point.  He was a pretty happy fellow... just a tad particular about which direction to lay.

So congratulations, Allen, Erin, and big brother, Adam, on the birth of little Ryan!  I pray that you are all able to adjust to life with two quickly, and I look forward to watching Ryan grow!

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