It's quite a rare newborn session that involves police cars and guns.

But that's just what we got with Baby Carson.

If you're thinking twice about booking a newborn session with me... just hold on.  Let me tell you the whole story....

My photo session with Carson took place on the most perfect weather day last weekend, so after doing a few photos indoors, I decided it would be fun to move out onto the front patio.  With the beautiful wood deck and the classic red brick of the house, it made for a combination of interesting textures that I absolutely LOVED.  And out on that amazing front patio is where the craziness happened.

Well, it wasn't too crazy at first.  While I was working with Carson, a police officer pulled over a driver right in front of the house.  The flashing lights didn't faze Carson... well-fed, he didn't even seem to notice.  So it wasn't a big deal  EXCEPT that the cars stayed parked out front for a very VERY long time.  And then a second police officer came to back the first guy up.

Which made us wonder... why was this taking so long?  And why the backup?

As we were standing around watching the scene, the two police officers opened up one of their trunks and pulled out a rifle.

Yes, a rifle.  A weapon.  Not too far away from our happily sleeping newborn.

As little Carson was asleep, oblivious to everything, Matt, Mandy and I were just watching, wondering what was going on, and if we were all about to be in big danger.  But wouldn't the police warn us to go inside if there was about to be trouble?  What was going on?

As we were about to rush our happy newborn indoors, the police officer thankfully put away the gun.  Everything was fine then.... The family ended up getting out of their car and walking off... I'm not sure what the situation was, but I was just thankful we were all safe!

So I'm happy to share these photos with you, and doubly happy that 9-day-old baby Carson avoided any sort of police shoot-out.  :)

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