Monday November 17th, 2014

This family is making the world better...

"How?" do you ask?

Last weekend this beautiful family of three joined me in the park for "Photos for Good," a day of family portrait sessions with all proceeds going to Redeemed Ministries, an organization that provides support to victims of human trafficking here in the Austin area.

What is human trafficking?  Does it mean smuggling people across the border?  No.  Human trafficking refers to when an individual makes a profit by selling a human being in the sex industry by means of force, fraud or coercion.  This can happen anywhere and to anyone in the world. It can include human smuggling, but often doesn't.  Within the US alone there are around 700,000 victims of sex trafficking, with about half of those being children.

Human trafficking is happening here, in our city.  It breaks my heart, and we need to do something about it.  Would you consider helping to advocate for justice in our city?  Visit the Redeemed Ministries website to learn more about how you can stand up for the oppressed, and serve those who are hurting and broken.

And thank you to the Anklam family... it was a pleasure to work with you all this weekend, even with the chilly weather!

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