Monday, October 29th, 2018

The number one biggest question I get as a photographer is:  "What should I wear for my photo session?"

Other than having a good, relaxed attitude during our time together, the thoughtful styling of their family's wardrobe is one the most important pieces that my clients can contribute to their session.  I wouldn't say wardrobe can make or break family photos, but the mix of color and clothing style definitely impacts the feelings and emotions portrayed in your photos.  Bright, coordinated colors lead to photos that feel more modern and fun, while neutral or monochromatic color schemes lead to more traditional photos with a relaxed feel.

I have the honor of taking this family's pictures every fall, and I always love their wardrobe choices.  It changes year-to-year... some years they do fun pops of color... other years neutral and calm.  But I especially loved the colors in their wardrobe this year.  When I told them this, the high-schooler piped up to let me know that SHE was the mastermind behind their outfits this year.  Which got me thinking...

Teenagers... yes.... teenagers may be the solution to all our family wardrobe styling questions.

They're young and hip.  They are keenly aware of what's in style and what's going out of style.  And they probably would be happy to peruse your closets for an hour, compiling some wardrobe options for you, and giving you unsolicited advice about how your comfy shoes or your favorite dress are no longer in style.  You might get some tips on what new, fashionable styles to try, and overall, you'd likely end up with a modern, trendy family wardrobe... and possibly a greater understanding and appreciation of the next generation in the process.

So my quick, one-step solution to a trendy family wardrobe:  that teen who lives down the street.

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