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"Brandy is amazing! She is super professional, masterful at capturing the spirit of each person she photographs, and always returns a product that far exceeds what I could ever hope for. We will continue to use Brandy as our photographer as long as we possibly can."   - R.E., mom of 1

Sometimes I wish I could just freeze moments of my life.

You know, those moments when the struggles and frustrations of your day just slide away, and you sit back in quietness?  And you look over what you have... the wonderful, albeit imperfect family you get to share life with?  And joy and thankfulness inexplicably flood your heart and soul as you realize the simple, breath-taking beauty of your life, as is, full of imperfection and love and life all at the same time. 

I often wish I could hang onto those moments forever, but, like any moment, they soon slip away, back into the busyness and chaos of ordinary life.

27four Photography is all about this.  Capturing those seemingly small but significant moments of life so that we can cherish those around us more fully... forever.  

I offer client-tailored portrait and event sessions in the Austin area, with the goal of producing art that helps families see and forever hold onto the beauty and wonder in their own lives. I also offer photography classes for individuals or groups looking to better capture the wonders of day-to-day life.

My artistic style includes a mix of vibrant colors, paired with classic black-and-whites.  I love sunshine, green trees, old barns, and wildflowers, as well as bright urban architecture and hipster city streets.  You're invited to check out my portfolio, and contact me with any questions, thoughts, or to schedule a session!  I would love to meet you!

- Brandy Routh

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